Skydive Logbook Template

Here's a simple excel skydiving log book for you! This excel saves you time and is fun. Log your most important facts about each skydive. Log exit altitude, opening altitude, freefall time from your altimeter/ditter Add jump number, dropzone, details like maneuver, your points of improvement etc. Add a "sign-off" with name, the license number... Continue Reading →

Skydiving Season 2017 started

Winter always seams too long. For now it's over and I did enjoy three jumps with Kevin in Calw. Every time again, it's an amazing feeling to launch into air and have fun with freefly.

Last weekend I had the chance to go skydiving again, the second time this year (see┬ásome photos,Thanks Chris Ko for shooting with your GoPro!). Sounds great, but for a frequent skydiver, that's a pretty desperate number. As it has been this way throughout the last 3 years, I did not really develop my free flying... Continue Reading →

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