Working on the Human Side of Change

For over one year I’m now in my new position as an Organizational Transformation Companion at the Bosch Corporate IT in Stuttgart. Many things have changed in this amazing journey.

It’s a good time to look back and share my observations and learnings.

Let‘s begin with a little refresher on how this journey took shape.

After a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a vibrant car2go and moovel from 2010, I looked for the next challenge with building up Automated Valet Parking at Bosch. All these phases made myself clear, which three aspects are the essential drivers in my profession:

  1. Crafting an exciting product or service together with customers (preferably in mobility)
  2. Pioneering solutions, and pushing boundaries of connected technology
  3. Shaping a people-centric working environment of passion, performance, and fun.

„It‘s the well-dosed combination of all three dimensions that fulfills me.“

In the role of product owner and product manager for Automated Valet Parking, the people dimension was strong in our starting phase in 2015-2016. People from different areas across Bosch came together to create an innovative product in an unprecedented way of collaboration. How we pulled this off, would be worth a book on its own.

Feeling the imbalance

But this people-dimension took a back seat when the way of work and collaboration kind of settled in 2017.

Since all three dimensions are important to me, I felt the imbalance. I thought through possible next steps in personal development and business opportunities. I started a Business Coach training in parallel to my job. This was an eye-opener with Hartmut Deutschmann as trainer and mentor! It helped me apply and master my skills for the people-dimension 3 more consciously.

Working towards my passion

The wish to devote my next career phase to people and business culture became more striking as one thing got obvious:

By working on the human side of change, I can help the organization transform in a much more profound and sustainable way, than I could by working on the next product innovation.

Do you believe in coincidence? With a little luck, I got to know a colleague at the Bosch IT who leads the department of organizational change agents. When I learned to know their team vision and mission, I was instantaneously hooked. It felt like the stars lined up.

Making the step

This magical moment made me think. Shortly. I slept one night over this decision and the next day grabbed this great chance by the horns and jumped into the new endeavor. Was it an easy decision? Not really easy, but clear, since this was so in line with what I was looking for all the past years.

One of the best decisions I could take in my career!

Stay tuned for part 2 „What’s an ‚Organizational Transformation Companion‘ at all and what‘s so magical about it?“

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