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Skydive Logbook Template

Here's a simple excel skydiving log book for you!

This excel saves you time and is fun. Log your most important facts about each skydive.

  • Log exit altitude, opening altitude, freefall time from your altimeter/ditter
  • Add jump number, dropzone, details like maneuver, your points of improvement etc.
  • Add a "sign-off" with name, the license number of a co-jumper

The excel presents a handy dashboard with:

  • Total number of jumps
  • Number of jumps during the past 12 months
  • Total freefall time
  • Time under canopy

Contains one tab with altitudes in feet + one in metric units.

Never forget your skydive log book again. Have it in your cloud service of choice and always up-to-date.


Disclaimer: For regulations on how you have to log your jumps, please consult your licensing authority. I do not guarantee any acceptance of a digital log book. Usage of the template on own risk.


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