Everyone on Board – Impressions from a PI Planning

With products getting more complex and thus development goals and teams growing larger, keeping everyone on the same page is getting increasingly difficult. Both horizontally across teams and vertically between stakeholders and developers. I implemented numerous different approaches during the last years. Now was the time to experience a SAFe® PI Planning of another Bosch... Continue Reading →

Scrum Intro für Neue Teammitglieder

Anfang des Jahres haben wir mit Uta Kapp eine Einführung in Scrum für neue Teammitglieder durchgeführt. Für uns wichtig war in dem Termin vor allem, wie wir die klassisch Projektmanagement- und Produktmanagement Denkenden in das agile Entwicklungsumfeld integrieren können. Meine Sketchnotes aus der Session findest Du hier:

Thanks to Lars for pointing me to this article. It's a great insight on managing large teams over different locations efficiently. In his November 2012 article, Henrik Kniberg (also see my recent post from him introducing scrum) describes a team setup that combines scrum teams and keeps them interacting with each other. It's a challenge... Continue Reading →

Agile Product Ownership

With his 15 minute animated presentation, Henrik Kniberg describes the building blocks of agile product development really nicely. It all sounds so simple. And actually, it is (while it actually isn't). To my experience, one key fact for success to agile is achieving a high degree of transparency. No one wants to hear a "no"... Continue Reading →

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