Moving on – Goodbye Automated Valet Parking

It’s four years ago that I decided to join the new Connected Parking team and with this step, join the Bosch company after a fabulous time with car2go and moovel. I expected and hoped for an exciting and challenging time in a field as innovative as hardly another one in the current mobility sector. The idea to realize a vision was tempting: Make safe driverless driving a reality by using outside sensors instead of vehicle sensors.

A true Internet of Things (IoT) application!

Looking back, I can say that all my expectations have been exceeded by far – in an absolutely positive way. Now I’m moving forward.

Innovation and Dedication

I was able to work with an incredibly dedicated team, a decisive and quick management and supportive partners across all involved Bosch units and outside partners. With this setup, we were able to drive Automated Valet Parking (AVP) from a pure idea to a working system that leaves OEMs staggered and future customers eager to have their cars – or shared cars – being capable of safe autonomous parking.

The thrill for me was tackling the different aspects that are inherent to an application like AVP:

  • Bringing together agile values and methods with engineering for functional safety,
  • joining forces across Bosch for a truly interdisciplinary team,
  • shaping the market entry strategy and business model development,
  • solving the technological challenges in a highly distributed system…
  • …just to name a few.

And besides all the complexity: Keeping it simple, simple, simple.

It was a rocky road and naturally, we underestimated the way we had in front of us. And at any time, the unique team I was allowed to work with, was a solid partner through all endeavors.

We also underestimated the potential AVP would have for the future of Automated Driving:

We created not less than a safe system for driverless services in mixed traffic.

Meaning, it’s safe to operate a driverless vehicle together with manually driven vehicles and pedestrians.

A contribution to safety

I’m especially proud that I was able to contribute to an automated world that can now be safer for us and our children. With AVP, we found the key to safe driverless driving and there’s no more reason to compromise it by questionable approaches.

While this mission was exciting in many ways and fun, a new chance for me came virtually out of nothing.

I had to grab it!

Ever since three aspects are important for my daily work:

  1. Craft an exciting product and service with customers
  2. Develop (with) innovative technology
  3. Shape the right organization and team setup for an ever-changing environment

The human side of aspect # three moved me since years. It was a crucial aspect in the growth of moovel and car2go and a vital pillar in the setup of the Automated Valet Parking team. Nevertheless, it always had to take the back seat when it came to achieving deadlines, product releases or other crucial milestones. I now changed that with a new focus.

I’m indescribably happy to make this human side the center of my future mission.

Within Bosch’s IT department, I’m now starting as an Organizational Transformation Companion to drive the journey of Digital Transformation. This is at the core of Bosch’s transformation towards an IoT company.

Thankful for all the support and experiences on my first mission at Bosch, I’m again looking forward to exciting and challenging times ahead with new fields of learning and contributing.

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