Everyone on Board – Impressions from a PI Planning

With products getting more complex and thus development goals and teams growing larger, keeping everyone on the same page is getting increasingly difficult. Both horizontally across teams and vertically between stakeholders and developers. I implemented numerous different approaches during the last years. Now was the time to experience a SAFe® PI Planning of another Bosch... Continue Reading →

Embrace the new guy!

A new colleague recently joined our team. Just yesterday, he presented his ideas on a sales topic. It took me some time to get into this one slide he showed. My first thought was "i don't fully get it, explain it to me better" followed by "why is this so strange!?". Being in a rush, I... Continue Reading →

Leute verbinden. Mit klaren Zielen.

Habe gerade eine spannende Idee in unserer Organisation gepflanzt. Während eines Workshops zum Aufstellen der Roadmap unserer weiteren Produktentwicklung sind wir in unser herkömmlichen Art vorgegangen: In der Gruppe gab es viele gute Produktideen und Wünsche. Daneben handfeste Features aber auch zahlreiche Einzelprobleme mit teils noch unklarer Lösung. Als Zwischenstand ergab dies eine Liste aus... Continue Reading →

Scrum Intro für Neue Teammitglieder

Anfang des Jahres haben wir mit Uta Kapp eine Einführung in Scrum für neue Teammitglieder durchgeführt. Für uns wichtig war in dem Termin vor allem, wie wir die klassisch Projektmanagement- und Produktmanagement Denkenden in das agile Entwicklungsumfeld integrieren können. Meine Sketchnotes aus der Session findest Du hier:

A while ago I stumbled over an appealing idea: Use LEGO for calendaring. It makes planning across a team easier, delivers instant overview and adds a tactile element which makes the whole thing much more fun. I did a quick research which showed that the idea is not brand new. Many people have created calendars... Continue Reading →

ABC of Living Decisions

[Update] This post from June 13th, 2013 came to mind due to a trigger lately. So I want to bring it to your attention. I've been re-structuring and updating it for you. I'm writing this post based on experiences I had within the last weeks. Achieve clarity within our organization with good decision making and... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Lars for pointing me to this article. It's a great insight on managing large teams over different locations efficiently. In his November 2012 article, Henrik Kniberg (also see my recent post from him introducing scrum) describes a team setup that combines scrum teams and keeps them interacting with each other. It's a challenge... Continue Reading →

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