Everyone on Board – Impressions from a PI Planning

With products getting more complex and thus development goals and teams growing larger, keeping everyone on the same page is getting increasingly difficult. Both horizontally across teams and vertically between stakeholders and developers. I implemented numerous different approaches during the last years. Now was the time to experience a SAFe® PI Planning of another Bosch... Continue Reading →

My Strategy for Painful Tasks

You probably know this energizing feeling after completing a task that has been long overdue or postponed. I just have this as I finished something that was not my favorite kind of todo. Time to share my practice how to avoid such situations. There are many practices out there, like GTD (Get Things Done) or... Continue Reading →

Clarity cards just arrived

Just received my deck of Clarity Cards by @thnkclrly . Great project and thanks, Mathias! I'm curious to take them on a test drive. How do you use them and what did they help you with?

Starting a themed week

Switching context slows me down. Inability to find a meeting with 3+ colleagues within 2 upcoming days tires me. Now it's time to make an attempt to change that: I'm picking up the idea of a "themed week". That means I put my most prominent recurring activities into a weekly framework. Every day will be... Continue Reading →

12 schlechte Angewohnheiten und wie sie Deinen Führungsstil beeinflussen

Gerade einen schönen Eintrag auf "Smartblog on Leadership" gefunden: Internationale Junge Unternehmer wurden gefragt, welche Angewohnheit sie für sich gestrichen haben, um ihren Führungsstil zu verbessern. 12 Antworten wurden dort veröffentlicht. Einige sind die üblichen Verdächtigen. Andere Antworten sind nicht unter den geläufigen 1001 Tipps. Hier eine gekürzte Auswahl: [blockquote source="Frei übersetzt aus Smartblog on Leadership"]... Continue Reading →

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