Three Things to Boost your Teams

Do you feel people in your teams start loosing the passion they once had for their work? There are simple signs you see: Decreasing creativity, solutions don’t come easily, team discussions for tend to get frustrating where they once were constructive, effort estimations let you shake your head because the team is trying to back-up.

Colleagues around you will easily see many reasons after profound analytics and come up with various good suggestions. They might be right, consider them. But try something simple first. Ask yourself, whether you as a leader have given your team the right direction. Check whether you have given the three things:

  1. Clearly define you expectations. Be very precise with what you want and how you want it. Any iffy definition of that will leave the team unclear and leave room for unsatisfying results. Want speed? Let the team know your delivery expectations and know why it is so important for your customers. Want dependability? Define what dependability is for you and how they can support you. Want quality? Tell them how to measure the type of quality you mean, to make sure the can meet the goal. Want all three? Sure, make it clear.
  2. Ensure a supporting environment. In order to achieve your expectations, you need to deliver your part. It is your responsibility to be there for the team and do everything they need to get their job done – the team serves you and you serve the team. Give them the assurance that you will get the external obstacles and impediments out of the way.
    You will see, that they will save your ass many times.
  3. Provide a clear vision. Without believing in a higher goal, a boost will be small and not lasting. Give your team something to believe in. Make them be sure they are jointly working to create something better. The motivation will last much longer and you will see that ideas and innovation will blossom.

It’s not a one-time-shot. Go through these three steps every now and then. Check whether you need to fine-tune or refresh them regularly.

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