grow – Opening event: Let’s move

"We are HEIMAT for Startups" is the slogan of grow, the platform for Start-ups and an open space for entrepreneurs inside of Bosch. With Connected Parking, we're neighbors, partners, friends since day one. This Monday is the opening event for its new location. I'm looking forward to a new era of collaboration and business creativity in... Continue Reading →

Embrace the new guy!

A new colleague recently joined our team. Just yesterday, he presented his ideas on a sales topic. It took me some time to get into this one slide he showed. My first thought was "i don't fully get it, explain it to me better" followed by "why is this so strange!?". Being in a rush, I... Continue Reading →

Clarity cards just arrived

Just received my deck of Clarity Cards by @thnkclrly . Great project and thanks, Mathias! I'm curious to take them on a test drive. How do you use them and what did they help you with?

Starting a themed week

Switching context slows me down. Inability to find a meeting with 3+ colleagues within 2 upcoming days tires me. Now it's time to make an attempt to change that: I'm picking up the idea of a "themed week". That means I put my most prominent recurring activities into a weekly framework. Every day will be... Continue Reading →

Nachschub für Sketchnote Kreativität

Mike Rohde's erstes "The Sketchnote Handbook" war mein Start ins regelmäßige Sketchnoten. Für neugierige Neulinge: Sketch-notes sind sozusagen gezeichnete Notizen. Sie machen nicht nur Spass, sondern helfen auch, die Kernbotschaften besser begreiflich zu machen und Inhalte länger zu behalten. Das bildliche Gedächtnis hält eben doch länger als lange Texte. Nachdem ich mir Anfang 2013 den... Continue Reading →

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