Embrace the new guy!

newguyA new colleague recently joined our team. Just yesterday, he presented his ideas on a sales topic. It took me some time to get into this one slide he showed. My first thought was “i don’t fully get it, explain it to me better” followed by “why is this so strange!?”.

Being in a rush, I noticed my impatience. Until I figured out what was happening: Martin didn’t take the beaten path we use to go in our team, he didn’t use the vocabulary we were used to in our team, he didn’t use the common layout to show his ideas.

No, he did it his own way. What was feeling strange in the first seconds, made me smile directly after. He approached the topic from a different angle, structured it differently and brought in new perspectives.

We discussed quite a while and I really enjoyed it. I learned.

So when you come across something new, try to be open. Don’t judge it too quickly. You might miss a great opportunity. Take the chance to discover unknown facettes of something you already think you know quite well.

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