November 9th 1989

The fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 (From: Wikipedia)
The fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 (From: Wikipedia)

Our country’s history took a great turn 24 years ago: The barrier which separated Germans from Germans for over 28 years finally fell. I was born in GDR and therefor remember that day with special pride.

This event shows how powerful people can be. After weeks of civil unrest and months of demonstrations, the GDR government announced that everybody would be allowed to travel into Western Germany and West Berlin.

It came as a big surprise, because even days before that event in 1989 nobody would have believed this would happen soon. So were my parents who decided to escape from the GDR. Together with my brother and me we went through Czech Republic and Hungary to cross the border to Austria and finally arrive in West Germany. I’m planning to write that incredible story down in more detail. But as it would exceed today’s available characters, I’ll just leave you with a nice link today.

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg has launched a great web site depicting the history of the German Wall. You can browse events by years or zip through hot spots on a map. It contains amazing video footage including old TV news shows. The site is in German, but you’ll find your way:

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