“De Ferme en Ferme” – Open Farm Weekend in France

We arrived perfectly right in the Beaujolais region in France for a special weekend: Selected farmers open their gates to the public to show their love for the food they produce. It’s called “De ferme en ferme” – meaning “From farm to farm” and a great chance to get an insight on how they work and what their own approach for delicious local specialities is.

What I really enjoy is tasting the true French local products. But it’s not primarily about eating, it’s discovering the variety of wines, cheeses, vegetables and much more you can grow with a solidary, sustainable, high quality engagement using only local ingredients.

Most of the farms are organic and you notice that in the love and effort they put into getting the perfect natural, true flavor. In the Loire and Rhone region, we have visited some farms around Amplepuis that were specialized for apple juice, cider, goat cheese, cattle and vegetables. It was impressing!

You will find this series of events in many other regions around France and they mostly select the last weekend in April ever year. So learn to know great country sights, very nice and caring people and learn where the good food comes from.

Plan your trip ahead for next year, find more information on their web site De Ferme en Ferme.

Will upload some more photos once I’m back home!

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