Connecting at Bosch Connected World 2018

Berlin, Feb 21st-22nd. Our annual #BCW is an intensive and colorful collaboration fair with a large variety of customers and partners. Bigger than ever before with 4000 visitors, it was packed with panels, presentations, booth talks and side chats. So these two days passed by incredibly fast!

As my personal highlights I can certainly count the following three:

  • Automated Valet Parking intro: Volkmar Denner, CEO of Bosch and Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler arrived in our automated valet parking E-Class, which then parked driverless to its parking spot while the two walked towards the main stage for their keynotes. Split screen magic moment!

    Our team did an amazing job, setting up the whole thing in very short time! We’re now ready for more shows!
  • Meet fellows new and old: During Connected Parking booth talks and strolls around the fair, I met interesting people with fruitful ideas. A great starting point for new endeavors! A very special reconnection was with Helmuth Ritzer (now doing connected service at HERE twitter: @designdisorder), who’s a companion of mine since my first days at Daimler all through the car2go and moovel times. He was also part of the initiation crew for the Automated Valet Parking parking project back in 2014. Great you made it, man!
  • BCX18 Hackathon: As “Bosch Connected Experience”, we bring together the assets of Bosch devices and services and bring in coders from outside and inside Bosch. Challenges were among the topics Connected Mobility Services, Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0, Manufacturing, and Connected Life. See a video of the highlights. Part of the grab box this year was IOTA, XDK, Cisco, and much more. Amazing to see how quickly new ideas arise and are implemented in no time. My favorite was a floating sensor device that detects pollution sources in rivers and transmits them to the cloud. Makes it easy to identify sources of pollution that cannot be detected with stationary devices today.

What’s next? BCW19! Besides having the chance again to be an ambassador for my projects, things I wish for next year:

  1. A little more time to see some panels (and do some sketchnoting)
  2. Better chances to dive into the topics around me.
  3. Active contribution to the hackathon with parking data and automation!

What would you like to see next year @BCW19? Leave a comment!


Winner of the BCX18 hackathon category “Connected Life”

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